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Disparity of Physicians' Utilization of Tobacco Treatment Services

Date of Publication
July-August, 2006
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Journal Article
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OBJECTIVES: To evaluate the familiarity with and utilization of tobacco treatment resources among physicians. METHODS: The NJ State Physician Census was mailed to 30,639 physicians with 8150 responding (26.6%). Data from 4598 direct patient-care physicians were analyzed. RESULTS: Pulmonologists, cardiologists, and family physicians had the highest levels of familiarity and referral, whereas psychiatrists, neurologists, ophthalmologists, and surgeons had the lowest. Physicians who were younger, female, who had more teaching hours, and who accepted fewer new patients all had higher familiarity. CONCLUSIONS: Familiarity with tobacco dependence treatment resources varies by physician characteristics. Increasing physicians' utilization of these resources is an important research priority.