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The following list provides information on research projects currently underway at Rutgers Center for State Health Policy. To help you navigate, projects are classified by focus area and include the project name, funder, a brief description, and a link if you would like to request additional information.

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Health System Performance Improvement

  • Mapping Maternal Health in New Jersey

    Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Policies for Action (P4A) Program

    In spite of its comparatively low poverty rate and high average income, NJ has the fourth highest maternal mortality rate with large geographic and racial/ethnic disparities. To conduct research addressing this issue, Rutgers Assistant Professor of Social Work Felix Muchomba received a highly competitive award from a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation program intended to advance equity, diversity, and inclusion in policy and law research among early career investigators. In this project Dr. Muchomba is using linked NJ birth and hospital utilization data to examine policy levers that have the potential to improve maternal health and reduce disparities. CSHP Director Joel Cantor serves as career mentor to Dr. Muchomba.

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  • Assessing the Impact of the Project ECHO Endocrinology Hub on New Jersey Medicaid Patient Outcomes and Spending

    The Nicholson Foundation

    Primary care practitioners (PCPs) must stay apprised of a steady stream of new knowledge about the treatment of complex health conditions. Gaps in front-line provider knowledge and confidence about complex diagnosis and treatment decisions can lead to avoidable use of specialty care and hospital emergency department and inpatient services. Project ECHO™ (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) is a national model of support for PCPs to improve their ability to treat patients with complex needs. Under this project, the Center is evaluating the NJ Project ECHO hub focusing on care for Medicaid patients with complex endocrine conditions, including diabetes. Using Medicaid utilization and spending data, the evaluation team is comparing changes in outcomes for patients of participating PCPs relative to patients of non-participating matched comparison PCPs and documenting potential savings to Medicaid.

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  • Evaluation of the New Jersey FamilyCare Comprehensive Demonstration

    New Jersey Department of Human Services, Division of Medical Assistance and Health Services

    Medicaid demonstration waivers authorize states to test innovative strategies for improving services, even when the innovations depart from federal program standards. The NJ Medicaid program has designated CSHP to conduct the federally required evaluation of its comprehensive waiver. In this project, CSHP is studying the impact of waiver policy changes on patient access to care, quality of care, and costs. The policy changes include: 1) a shift of long-term services and supports (LTSS) from fee-for-service payment to the package of services for which Medicaid managed care plans are responsible; 2) expansion of income eligibility and administrative simplifications for beneficiaries in enrolling managed LTSS; 3) provision of additional home and community-based services, and expansion of eligibility for these services among children with intellectual and developmental disabilities and severe emotional disturbance; 4) implementation of premium assistance for Medicaid beneficiaries who have access to employer-sponsored health insurance; 5) expansion of access to and benefits for substance use disorder services; and 6) the extension of the NJ Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment hospital population health improvement program. The evaluation design utilizes both quantitative and qualitative techniques including analysis of Medicaid claims and managed care encounter data, and stakeholder interviews.

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  • Identifying and Addressing Patient and System Factors Associated with Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Care of Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

    Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

    Individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) face complex health problems and experience substantially higher rates of chronic physical and behavioral health (BH) conditions. Understanding the dynamics underlying disparities in outcomes by race and ethnicity for this high-risk population can support development of delivery system and financing strategies to close gaps. Drawing on NJ Medicaid claims data, this project focuses on patient and system-level factors that may drive racial/ethnic disparities in adequacy of ambulatory medical and BH services among Medicaid-enrolled adults with IDD, with a particular focus on the potential of non-medical community services to improve acute care outcomes.

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  • Development and Performance of Medicaid ACOs

    Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

    Accountable care strategies engage health care providers and communities in organized care-improvement initiatives. In 2011, the NJ legislature enacted the Medicaid ACO Demonstration Project, naming CSHP the program’s evaluator. The CSHP team is working closely with Medicaid stakeholders in NJ and across the nation to ensure that the study addresses questions of greatest import for accountable care policies and practices here and in other states. The project is examining the impact of ACO activities on Medicaid spending and quality of care. It is also informing policy using simulation models based on the claims/encounter data to assess the accuracy and statistical reliability of alternative methods for measuring savings associated with Medicaid ACO activities. These quantitative analyses are being complemented with in-depth qualitative interviews to assess how NJ’s ACOs are redesigning care, engaging patients, and modifying strategies with accumulated experience.

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